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Here's a tune I wrote called Lonesome County Line.
Visit the Lonesome County Web site:
Lonesome County Web Site
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I live in Ann Arbor, MI, and welcome new students. Email me if you're interested.
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I'm happy to say I endorse Fults tailpieces. I use one on my banjo and am very pleased with the improvements it made.Click below to visit their web site.
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banjoTrain has something for banjo players at every level. Here are some of the things I'm sure you'll find helpful...and fun too! Click on the items below to see more.
FREE Tutorials in the RESOURCES section:
Your banjo will sound great
with advice from the SETUP page:
Basic music theory - learn about
notes, chords, and rhythm.
BanjoTrain lessons are based on years of teaching private students. Every student I've had is different and I adapt each lesson to their specific needs. I've seen the range of problems students consistently have and I've developed ways to address each one. In my online lessons I clearly explain the techniques in each lesson and use video and sound to demonstrate what I'm talking about.

Here are my currently available lessons.
click on the screen captures for more information
Lesson 1is a complete introduction to playing bluegrass banjo. It's designed to give you all of the basic tools every banjo player need. From how to choose picks to a complete understanding of rolls and how to use them, you will find everything carefully explained with photos, audio, and video examples of everything covered.

Price $19.95
Lesson 1
Lesson 2teaches you the basic techniques all banjo players use to make their playing more interesting and creative. These include hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. We also learn new chords. With these new tools we can now start playing some of the classic tunes that all banjo players know such as “Cripple Creek” and “Old Joe Clark”.

Price $19.95
Lesson 2
Playing in the Key of Fshows how to play in a key other than open G. Playing in F gives you a new way to play songs you've always played in G in addition to just playing songs that are in the key of F. You'll learn how to “translate” from G to F, licks to play in F, and playing in F up the neck. Songs covered include Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arm, Man of Constant Sorrow, and Wildwood Flower. There are 9 tablature example with audio and video clips demonstrating techniques covered.
Price $14.95
Lesson 1
Here's my newest Lesson!
Intro To Melodic Banjo
Intro to Melodic Banjo includes everything you need to know to understand and start playing melodic style banjo. Start with G scales then use them in melodic “licks” to enhance your current playing. Move on to 8 melodic tunes that get progressively more complex covering all of the fundamental techniques of this great style.

Price $14.95
Here are a couple of videos of my band, Lonesome County. You can visit our web site at LonesomeCounty.com.
Lonesome County Video 1
Lonesome County Video
This video is from a set we did at Renfro Valley in May, 2006, after winning the 2006 Bluegrass Talent Contest.
Here's part of a video of our performance on The Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour from December, 2009.

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